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A pox on all your Amigas!

A pox on all your Amigas!

As I’m into the areas of IT-security and retro computing… Here’s a podcast with me talking about old viruses from the 80s and 90s. It features cool music from the Amiga.


Viruses are no fun, but we have had to contend with them since the 70s. The Amiga had its share of them like SCA, Bytebandit, Saddam Hussein, Lamer exterminator and some others. Some just wrote cute messages, whereas others deliberately or by mistake destroyed your data. Let DJ Daemon take you back to the 80s and guide you through the less popular parts of Amiga history.

00:00​ Amiga Flashback – show intro
00:13​ DJ Daemon – introduces the episode
00:35​ Firage – Buns and Guns
02:40​ DJ Daemon – speaks about Amiga computer viruses
03:32​ Radix – * CoLoUrS *
08:45​ DJ Daemon – speaks about the SCA virus
10:06​ Reed Richards – Devoted
14:56​ DJ Daemon – speaks about the ByteBandit virus
15:58​ CRD – Chordian remix
17:51​ DJ Daemon – speaks about the Saddam virus
19:20​ Finwave – Just Do It (F/U)
23:47​ DJ Daemon – concludes by saying it’s not an Amiga-thing
25:10​ FearofDark – SurfingOnASineWave
30:01​ DJ Daemon – discusses viruses destroying hardware
31:42​ Elwood – After Hours
35:07​ DJ Daemon speaks 29s
35:36​ Maikel Yeremy – The Wayfarers Arrive
38:34​ DJ Daemon speaks 34s
39:07​ JaseChong – Kingdom Skies
43:41​ DJ Daemon speaks 37s
44:17​ Maikel Yeremy – Teller 1
46:30​ DJ Daemon speaks 39s
47:09​ Nescio – Dreaming of you
49:36​ DJ Daemon speaks 33s
50:08​ AceMan – Vintage Groove
53:57​ DJ Daemon speaks 28s
54:24​ Velvet of Amb and Tdr – Sternzeit
56:41​ DJ Daemon speaks 11s

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