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100 years of history (mildly abridged)

100 years of history (mildly abridged)

Decade – Prediction – Outcome (an abbreviated list)


1900 – Teddy Roosevelt defeats a bear with his bare hands – Outcome: As far as Internet history is concerned, he did.

1910 – We will fly to the moon – Outcome: Kaiser Wilhelm was angry. Also, there was a Covid-like thing and nothing good came out of either.

1920 – We will party like there is no tomorrow. – Outcome: Prediction correct. For reference, see 1929.

1930 – A better human will emerge. A superhuman even – Outcome: Nooooooooooooooooooooooo. Hell no….. Never again!!!! (also applies to the 1940s)

1940 – We will get out of this horrible war, everything stops for tea and Jazz will be better with Bebop – Outcome: Yes, Yes and NO!

1950 – Tradition rules, everything is possible and lets keep this neat and tidy. Nukes are scary. No dissent or people that are not like us – Outcome: For reference of the outcome, see latter part of 1960.

1960 – Will be like the 50s. – Outcome: Nope. 1967 begs to differ. Make love not war. Also, pop and rock is awesome. Love everyone. Stick it to the man.

1970 – More hippie stuff – Outcome: Well, no. But we got an energy crisis, disco and cool movies.

1980 – I dunno, less crisis – Sorta kinda. Outcome: Economy booming, no worries, yuppies, morning in America, scare of nukes again, the future is unknown.

1990 – More good economy? – Outcome: No, kinda troublesome at that. But freedom! We got freedom! No Soviet! Brithop, Grunge and Eurotechno.

2000 – Everything is possible! Internet, baby! – Outcome: Yeah, until everything got a really bad (see “IT crash”, “WTC” and “Economy 2008” for further reference). Also surveillance.

2010 – Everything is mobile and possible – Outcome: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes (I’ll have what she’s having). Then see “2020s” for further reference and don’t forget surveillance (seems most have).

2020 – It’s like 1920s again!!!!! – Outcome (TBD): Well, yes, so far. Spanish flu, meet Covid. Party without thought for future? yeah! Looming crisis? Sure! Also, everything is a weapon. Did I meantion you have no privacy? This is new!

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