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Stuck in the middle with you…

Someone made a furry (!) version of “Stealers wheel” song “stuck in the middle” and it’s awesome! Link in the end of the article.

It’s more than a year ago since I wrote the essay “When are we going to get out of this mess?“. It was my first (I hope) attempt of sending a message back in time to myself explaining Covid19. Just like a UDP-paket, I have no idea if it went through. As I don’t remember getting it, either it failed or was sent to the wrong timeline or dimension.

So, with no further ado, here are the news:

The Covid19 pandemic is over! It ended <TBD>

No! It has even weirder tentacles now! But, hey, it looks pretty tasty as well. What does it taste like? Strawberry! Then death.

Hah! Summer of 2021, we all emerged from the bomb shelters. More and more of us vaccinated and all so happy it was all over, and it was. At least until the infection rate shot up again, and we all went from: happy friends to happy tree friends. Hope became despair, because the bloody tentacle monster came back in a new dress of mutation. The alpha was yesterdays news and out of style, because delta was all the rage. Right now, I wonder if we run out of letters in the greek alphabet before running out of new variants.

The Covid19 zone – the diagram showing our fear of a mutant planet:

Zone A: It spreads more slowly – It’s less dangerousZone B: It spreads more slowly – It’s more dangerous
“The cool zone” : we can start meeting again and try to remember what our friends look like.
“The idunno zone”: You can outrun the foolish virus, but if it catches you, you will be in a certain creek without a paddle.
Zone C: It spreads more rapidly – It’s less dangerous Zone D: It spreads more rapidly – It’s more dangerous
“The realist zone”: they all say this is how it works. And you feel like, “Maybe I get this new mutation and let it be over and done with”.“The 28 days later zone”: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAArgh!!! The Zombies are coming!!!!
Can I just zone out and hope it goes away?

Vaccines helps – unless you’re ignorant

Actually, he did not say that. Then again, most of the stuff Lincoln and Jesus wrote on the Internet is probably made up as well.

I’m pretty sure the vaccine helps, but cannot tell, as it does not give off a “beep” when it stops an attempt to infect me. My antimalware software does that. Then again, in order to do that, it would need to have a microchip in it and we don’t have the technology to create such a marvel of science!

I need to clear this up for you anti-vaxxers out there: IT’S NOT TECHNICALLY POSSIBLE TO DO!

But it should be! I want a WI-FI enable vaccine that I can monitor from my smart phone and also upgrade to get the latest protections. Then again, that would became a literal “killer app” if the hackers found a way to hack into it. Just imagine the newest version of ransomware: “Nice immune system you have – would be a shame if something bad happened to it”.

In all honesty:

Nice to know. I’m a rationalist, and I agree.

To be serious: Please get the vaccine. I’m tired of all those new mutations, we don’t need more of that, thank you very much. Also, you can feel really smug and take some vaccine-selfies that just scream “I’m a douche bag”.

Politics are really interesting, try to keep up

Now, that’s a bit harsh. Then again, mr. Mencken wasn’t the wolds most kind and compassionate person. As to which politician this may refer to: too many to mention from both the left and the right.

Trump lost the election, but someone needs to tell him that, as he seems to have some alternate version of how it went. In my opinion, you’re a bit of a sore loser when you ask people to raid the congress because you don’t get to stay up late.

Come back in 2024, and if I may have some stuff to say about Biden as well.

As to everything else, everyone seems to be angry at everyone else everywhere in the world. We don’t have to sing “we shall overcome”, but maybe chill down a bit or at least don’t invade someone over it.

I don’t like losing readers and followers over something like politics, where we will never agree. It can destroy any relationship, dinner or knitting club meeting.

Hackers be hacking

It has yet to happen – but one day, mark my word, it probably won’t.

Effective defence level – effective threat level = “just how screwed we are”-level.

This equation has been producing negative values since the days of Blaster, slammer and Nimda. Sorry, that’s just how it is. And it always gets better – for hackers and pentesters. Right now, you may be excused for believing the IT-security business will provide job security forever and ever.

Facebook managed to both to get hacked and to hack themselves. I must say, I’m impressed.

Back to your bunker – just don’t go full Jack Nicholson

… Next up “Madness – Our house” followed by “High way to hell”. Later this hour “Under pressure” by Queen and “Paranoid” with …

Some countries now ask you to kindly go back home and don’t come out until all is well again. Exactly when that is, isn’t clear. If you are vaccinated and deemed healthy your covid-pass will grant you access to your local pub. Unless a new variant comes out, when they might ask you to shiver in fear and avoid eye contact with anyone that may carry the virus. Also, don’t play the accordion near populated areas, no one likes that.

When you’re home again, try not to talk to yourself. If you do – don’t shout and bang your head in the wall. It hurts and your neighbors will not like it, as it disturbs their “frozen in shock”-Yoga.

If you give yourself advice, remember you will always agree with yourself, if no one is there to talk some sense into you. That is a good insight to have when you wonder “will it become worse?”.

Prepping is good, but you might want to get rid of that stash of 2048 toilet rolls that fill up 3/4 or your house. Could be good to get better stuff instead. I’m just saying.

And yes, here’s something to cheer you up: the aforementioned YouTube-clip:

A fairly incompent sheriff for a human. Pretty decent for a donkey tho’

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