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A signage of the times?


How will we remember this time in the future? All eras have their respective stereotypes when it comes to political views, music, hair styles and such things. So what about the new roaring 20s?

The jury is still out on this question, but let me guess that I can at least come up with a suggestion.

Consider this sign in an elevator of a Swedish higher education school:

The text above the arrows read “Keep a recommended distance”. The text below the elevator read “Thanks for your consideration”.

This is a pretty standard sign during Corona-times, as an elevator is a cramped area that can be a problem when it comes to not spreading the virus.

A few days later, some students had amended the sign with this:

The text on the top reads “Warning for gender stereotyping” and the text below reads “Should the men go upwards and the women downwards? Should men be at the front and women have to stand back? Where did LGBTQP and norm-criticism go?”.

This may actually be one thing we remember in the future as it clearly is, well, just a sign(-age) of our time.

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