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46 today… Horray for me… Or something

Me more than 40 years ago. A kid with way to big head phones for his head…. And why not? As bad as the head phones fit me, the dream of radio- and audioengineering did much better.

Today is my 46th birthday and I want to clear some rumours about me and that particular date. I’ve heard those lines so many times, this has to be sorted out now!

Question: “Oh, so you did get less gifts than other kids, then?”

Answer: No cookie for that observation. But remember just a cats believe they’re close to starvation because you haven’t fed them for 15 minutes, kids never think they get enough gifts at any time.

Me, on the other hand is totally over that, I can buy stuff every other day than the 24th of December since I get a steady paycheck and stores are open those days. I’m going to prove my point by pouring myself a Gin and Tonic, that I bought the Gin for a few days ago.

Question: “Your mother got quite the gift for christmas that year?”

Answer: Without bragging, I believe I was quite a thing for her. Parents do like their kids, so that’s a pretty easy guess. But that christmas actually more like gave her the gift of giving birth. It rates pretty high on the dolorimeter, so probably not the most happy moment until done. I love my mother and she loves me. But neither of us have to go through that “birth”-stuff again, which is all fine if you ask me.

Question: “Nobody remembers to congratulate you, then?”

Answer: True. I hated that as a kid. Then that Facebook thing came along and now people feel compelled to congratulate me, as the option to by mistake forget about it and then hope I don’t complain pretty much is gone. So… Not a big problem..

Question: “Another kid was born that day, right? (big smile)”

Answer: You’re Swedish, right? I also did this incorrect assumption, so I’m not holding it against you. But… You know… Just because us Swedes celebrate christmas eve instead of christmas day, doesn’t mean Mary had to reschedule Jesus birth. The son of god (citations needed) in fact was born on christmas day. What year? I dunno, what calendar? Julian or Gregorian? Should we take in account all the times we lost count of the dates in our history and just guess? Many questions, but the answers are alas out of my remit.

Hope this clears all this out and … a merry christmas to you and yours!

TTFN, Erik Zalitis.

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