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Caveat emptor: PastBook – giving your pictures away

Caveat emptor: PastBook – giving your pictures away
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As does Google, I guess…

TLDR; Don’t log in to Pastbook or use it in anyway! They steal pretty much all of your data and will sell it to god knows who. If you do: get ready to be bombarded with mail telling you to buy the photoalbum from them… Or else… Really nasty site.

As I was idly surfing on Facebook, a post told me that my 10 year photobook was ready. I should have known better (with a site like you) and NOT clicked on it. I thought it was one of those Facebook memory slide shows where you’re shown pictures with a random friend on Facebook.

When I clicked on it, an authorization dialog came up and told me to login with my Facebook account. This is a clear warning that it wasn’t Facebook I was going to. Being tired and unfocused I stupidly logged in by clicking the link. Terror struck me when I realized what I had done five seconds later. My photos were already spreading accross their site. I unauthorized them, but it was too late.

Their name (too live forever in infamy): www.pastbook.com.

That’s it… I’m boned… Yeah, I need help, to get rid of charlatans like you!

So as to what they want from your Facebook account? Pretty much everything.. No surprises there… And Mark O’ZuckerIsBorn doesn’t care.

It’s easier to list what they DON’T take from you. Click this picture if you’re not already dead inside…


… And just when you thought it was safe to pop out of your bunker…

… Jay, another psychopath entrepeneur ready to sell your stuff…

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