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Audionerdery: the Amiga lofi hi-fi

Going nuts and then some….

This the auto-eq working on a typical Amiga module. The lowest bars are the treble frequencies and the uppermost ones are the bass. Red means reducing and blue means boosting. A typical Amiga-module has very little audio in the higher frequencies due to limitations in the crappy samplers and the recording techniques. Also 8bit samplers are not magic of high-fidelity. So the auto-eq desperately try to crank the high frequencies up. The manual of the software (Thimeo StereoTool) states those bars should get closer to the middle of the scale. This means the compensation will only kick in if the spectrum is uneven. The calculations make sure this will work by working out median of each band. Good luck with that when almost half of the songs are Amiga 8bit 4-track modules and the other are PC 16bit Fasttracker/impulsetracker tunes with superior audio. I love Amiga modules, but not their “audio quality”.

Audio-version of “split-vision”.

More… This one has the auto-eq going bonkers trying to handle the broad Amiga stereo with the left and right channels living their own life.

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