(2015-08-31) The ERICADE Network to shutdown

I'm currently preparing to shut this site down as the last mailboxes are being moved away from the server. After almost 10 years of service, it's time to call it quits. It's been a good journey, but all good things have to end.

My sincerest thanks to everyone that helped me along the way, you know who you are.

This following services will be removed:

- The ERICADE Network Radio (No more Amiga! :( )
- secure.ericade.net
- Erik's security notes.
- A large portion of radioufs.com/radioungaforskare.com.

A few things will remain for the time being.

- All mailboxes will be moved to "Exchange Online" / "Office 365".
- Some sites will remain.

Most of the domains will be kept, but some of them will not be renewed and will disappear.

That's all for now.

Tags: System announcement
Posted: 2015-08-31 by Erik Zalitis
Changed: 2015-08-31 by Erik Zalitis

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