(2013-02-28) When did we all start being afraid of everything?

I probably covered this in earlier posts, but recently I started to wonder why we are so full with fear. When I was young, safety and security were no big concerns. And this was the decade when the United States of America and the Soviet union pointed nuclear arms towards the other sides cities.

I, as most other people during that time, rode our bicycles without helmets. Yes, it was a stupid thing to do. We could also hardly be bothered to wear reflex bands and we walked everywhere at any time of the day. Or did we? I was probably more cautious than most as I actually took great care not to be walking out on unknown streets in the middle of the night. I also wore a reflex in the winter time. But still, I dont remember anyone wearing a reflex in the form of a jacket. Not even the workers did. Today, a modern construction site looks like a beacon of reflected light. Everyone wear helmets when riding a bike. Superficially, this is great news. But, I wonder about the true reason. Is it really sensibility? I suspect a lot of us have acquired a new hobby: fearing everything and everyone. Zero tolerance was a word that came into the collective mind in the 90s. If there was the slightest risk of something being dangerous, it had to be forbidden or, god forbid, some one could get hurt. If you read the head lines of the news here in Sweden, by now you probably know that everything causes cancer. You also have access to ten or twenty methods to lose weight, some which contradict with others. Now you know that your lasagna contains horse meat and I suspect what is actually labelled horse meat nowadays is just papier-mach.:) Is this dangerous? Is it an indicator that food is a hazard to your health? Or is it nothing to worry about? Every day were informed about the latest risk that could hurt you, your family, your computer and/or pet.

We get new things to worry about every day. What happens the day the news papers tell us that we risk getting cancer by worrying too much about things? Check mate?

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Posted: 2013-02-28 by Erik Zalitis
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