(2012-02-26) Seventeen years ago...

Only a few more minutes left to go before the show was to begin and it had been in the making for years. Not the show itself, but all the preparations and the necessary paperwork had taken almost two years. Sure, it could have started earlier if the community broadcaster we intended to use hadnt lost its studio just weeks before we were supposed to have started. But on that night, exactly 17 years ago to this date, it didnt matter. We were home and we were ready to hit the airwaves.

At exactly 6pm on the 26th of February 1995, I had turned the key that unlocked the controls and pushed the button that put us on the air. Its easy to notice, when you listen to the tapes, how nervous we were. But we pulled it through and started an era that would last for exactly 11 years.

Radio Unga Forskare Stockholm (A rough translation into English: Radio Young Scientists of Stockholm) was the brainchild of me and Magnus A. We met on an event hosted but the federation of young scientists in 1993 and came up with the idea after some brainstorming. The federation couldnt help us and instead referred us to their Stockholm district board. The district board like the idea and agreed to back us up financially. In 1995, finally the plans came into fruition and in the years that passed, we slowly evolved into the form we had until 2006, when the station was down to just me and I decided to that it was time to call it quits.

The most active years were between 1997 and 2003. We published some of our recorded material on the Internet at a time when most radio stations didnt even have audio-streams available on their sites. From 1997 until 2004, we had a team of volunteers on a monthly basis recording popular science bits and discussions that we broadcast on a regular schedule. We reported from many of the larger Young Scientists conventions and also served as a news-channel for them. I personally wrote a Swedish guide to help rookie sound engineers to get started and published it on our website.

During those years, hundreds of people crossed our path. Some of them contributed with material, helped arranging events with us, worked with us in some of our projects or just visited the studio from time to time. During the most active years, there were 10-15 regular contributors to our show. Those years held everything from wonderful successes to downright painful mistakes. But in the end Im happy for the time I spent with RadioUFS and I believe we made a difference in some way.

Today is the 17th anniversary of the stations birth.

A more complete timeline can be found here (in Swedish)

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