(2012-01-29) Confusion in an elevator

The picture is a bit fuzzy, but should give you a hint about the problem.

One day a few months ago I came across this confusing control panel in an elevator. Never mind the cluttered layout of the buttons. The problem is with the three colored buttons on the upper row. The yellow one is not a button at al, but a lamp that goes on if the elevator gets overloaded. It does look like a button, just like the other two.

The green button is indeed a button and its the emergency button youre supposed to push if youre stuck in the elevator or if you need urgent help. Thats right, its green! The red one is actually the emergency stop, which kind of makes sense. The black button in the lower right corner is the door opener. The sign above the real emergency button says To use the emergency alarm, keep the button depressed for 10 seconds.

If you needed to open the closing door for another person and had to think fast, which button would you instinctively push?

... Thought so ...

Tags: Bad design, GUI design, humor, funny
Posted: 2012-01-29 by Erik Zalitis
Changed: 2012-01-29 by Erik Zalitis

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