(2012-01-15) Looking back at the 2010s

All eras are defined mostly in hindsight. A number of years later people may laugh at it, shake their heads or just get that dreamy look in their eyes when they think about it. If you think about the 1950s, you have an era which everyone has an opinion about. Even those that werent even born back then (I sure wasnt). We may laugh at the commie scares and the crazy times when people feared the atom bomb. And it looks even worse when you think about the wars and the segregation. Exactly what it looked like and if it indeed did look the same way depended on where you were in the world.

Its 2012 now and as always we live in the ultra-now. It will take a number of years until we can look back and think about it. What do you think well love, like, hate or just dont care for when we look back at the 2010s?

A few years ago I was worried about the surveillance spreading throughout our cities, networks and society. I concluded my blog post by noting that this is something we may have to sit through and hope that we learn something from in the end. Thats still my opinion, and the dark clouds are still gathering. They almost fill up the whole sky by now. The Internet gets more and more regulated. Not a month goes by without new words like SOPA, PIPA, Hadoopi and IPRED. The politicians and private sector managers are not the enemies, because theyre us! Theyre citizens in the same society we are. Some of them may want to capitalize on our fears, but most of them believe in what theyre doing. The road to where we're heading is paved with the best of intentions. And still, we know it's not going well and it's not going in the right direction.

It doesnt matter that were safer now than ever, the fears are still there. Whatever we dont feel we fully understand and control, must therefore be tamed. The Internet fits this description, and so do the public streets and the places where we meet. All those must be controlled and any and all risks must be eliminated. Yesteryears anger over cameras that go everywhere and having to sacrifice our privacy is now just an irritated mumble. This is where were going, and its painfully apparent. What isnt so apparent is where we will end up and how much its going to cost us.

But I worry more about how the mentalities change over time. We have not only come to accept things that we couldnt dream of tolerating 10-20 years ago. But we also demand to know everything about everyone. Dostoyevsky once wrote that The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons, and if the fear, paranoia, loss of freedom and decline of justice in our society continue that may one day be something we all get a firsthand experience with. Innocent is just a word. Just like civilization and society.

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Posted: 2012-01-15 by Erik Zalitis
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