(2010-11-28) Remember this time Its not coming back

Do you remember the time we had a network that connected a large part of the worlds population? A network that allowed us to reach out with ideas, news and information largely without any censorship? It was a time when crackpots, corporations, small organizations, individuals and political organizations had equal rights to be seen. It was when you had to think for yourself and be critical of everything you read over the network. It was a time when you had to be careful but could enjoy free and inexpensive access to a large part of the worst and best works ever created by humankind.

Those that gave us access to the network didnt care what we did as long as it didnt hurt them or caused problems for others. They were mere conduits and we compared them only on price, uptime and bandwidth. We had to take responsibility for our own actions and we had to be skeptical to deals that looked too good to be true.

We could use commercial operating systems or open source ones to access the services on the big network. Sure, the network had porn, hackers, spammers and illegal organizations. But we navigated around the seedy back alleys and learnt to avoid viruses and malware. Often the experiences were learnt the hard way, but after losing data and having to reinstall our computers we learnt what to avoid.

Do you remember how the old ideas where everything had to be shipped in aluminum covered in plastics almost died? How selling prepackaged artists was replaced by selling music streams and collections? It was the time when nobody felt they had a reason to keep track of everything we did on that net. It was built on the idea that the key to success is surviving bad stuff and not trying to make it impossible that bad stuff happen.
Ah, good times folks Good times.

Dictated on IBM-Oracle-Microsoft-Google Wayback time capsule v12.2 on the 5th of December 2029 by United State of Europe citizen 4711-421-98-4-437/Erik Zalitis in Stockholm, northern directorate.

Remember to vote in the upcoming election 2030. Please report any suspicious behavior on the network. A crime and terror-free society is everyones responsibility. If you feel bad about your security, call your nearest vigilante headquarters.

Warning: This message has been rated mildly un-eusoc by the European States safe society heuristics. This message may contain expressions of dangerous thoughts.

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Posted: 2010-11-28 by Erik Zalitis
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