(2010-11-02) Two weeks too late

Here's something I meant to post two weeks ago, but I must've forgotten it or maybe I just implemented that new calendar.

Were now firmly stuck in the conglomerate of months collectively known as Octember. I believe they used to be commonly known as September, October and November. [citation needed]

Ive spent the last three days diving into everything VMware, virtualization and cloud. The possibilities are next to limitless, which I believe most black hat hackers agree with as well. The cloud as a concept will push the concept of chain of trust to its limits. But whats most interesting is that the cloud is so much a new name for a number of trends weve seen since the early days of electronic computing. The old glass room mainframes were huge installations that provisioned computing power to dumb terminals. If thats not cloud computing, then I dont know what is.

Tags: Cloud computing
Posted: 2010-11-02 by Erik Zalitis
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