(2010-09-04) Back to our regular scheduled programming?

Hookay... Too much politics for now. I generally prefer to tone the political side down and focus on the technical or human issues of security, IT and society. But I'm more than just worried over everything that goes on in Sweden and Europe and we also have this election ritual going.

I have something to say about democracy, but not in this post. Soon I hope to jump back into the old, worn but good tracks.

There's been an interesting discussion on the dilemma with DLL-attacks on Windows. The weird thing is, it's been discussed over and over again. Microsoft Windows has a really stupid way of searching for files that was abandoned a long time ago in Unix and Unixlike operating systems.

.Net-applications may be the solution, but there sure are a lot of old and new software out there that don't specify the correct path for their DLLs.


Plz fix this, MS, KTHXBYE!

Posted: 2010-09-04 by Erik Zalitis
Changed: 2010-09-04 by Erik Zalitis

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