(2010-08-21) More thoughts on Julian Assange

It's a few hours since I wrote my last post about the case against Mr Assange. I've thought a lot about it. It seems very suspicious and also very convenient for some people, but I recommend everyone to think carefully before accusing everyone from CIA to the space aliens for this.

Given how little we know about the circumstances of this trial everything I say here is highly speculative. But surely Mr Assange must know how much he is under scrutiny, so it seems like a time when he should have had been very careful about what he did. Maybe he thought himself above the law and that he could do whatever he want? But the feeling of being above it all does not make a person a rapist. It's all just very confusing.

If you want my guess, and mind you I know nothing more about this than you do, I don't think he did it. But if he did it, I think two things should happen:

- He must get a fair trial and a just sentence. Who he is means nothing and what he did means everything.
- It must mean nothing to our perception of his work and Wikileaks.

Whatever Julian turns out to be changes nothing about Wikileaks. Nothing at all. And it changes nothing about Pirat Partiet OR about the issues at hand.

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Posted: 2010-08-21 by Erik Zalitis
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