(2010-08-21) Julian Assange accused of rape

I usually try to steer clear of too political topics in my posts. There are many people doing it much better than I do, so I leave it to them. But politics and IT-security are becoming more and more mixed together, so I feel the need to look at the whole picture here.

It was today that the news of Julian Assange's pending arrest for rape reached me. It's just a mere week since I sat in a room with many other interested people and listened to Mr Assange while he spoke about Wikileaks. A few days later "pirat partiet", a very libertarian party fighting against the new big Brother society forming in Europe and Sweden, made a big deal out of their effort to host some of the "Wikileaks" servers here in Sweden. At the time, this looked like a good PR stunt, not to say a display of a will to fight for the cause.

Today, it might spell the end for the party. The elections of 2006 here in Sweden were the first time we saw a broad array of scandals being orchestrated to affect the outcome of the elections. A number of events were blown out of proportions and neither the right wing nor the left wing was above breaking a few scandals. It ranged from a misinterpreted piece of information that accused right wing party leader Fredrik Reinfeldt of being a pedophile to an evident attack on one of the social democrats wireless networks done by people from "Folkpartiet".

This election, two "scandals" have already arisen around Piratpartiet. This might become the third one. It's painful to see as I think Piratpartiet are the only ones that stand opposed to the ever increasing surveillance society that the European Union is becoming. That said I'm not a member of Piratpartiet, as there are many other issues where I disagree with them. If Mr Assange is guilty, let the court handle the punishment.

The issue of our closing down, locking up society using the horrors of child porn and terrorism as a reason to ask for a Carte Blanche to suspend the innocence presumption stands above all this.

Svenska Dagbladet (In Swedish):

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Wikileaks denies being contacted by the Swedish police:

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