(2010-07-05) The dreaded vacuum of vacation

So finally vacation is upon me. I just can't sit at home. Have to see things and do stuff. Have to travel and have to experience. Or do I?

What's wrong in this picture? I'll say it's the two little words "Have" and "to" in that order. Vacation is supposed to be a time of no stress and no duties, right? Still you "have to" do things. So people stuff their dear ones into a crammed car and drive somewhere. Anywhere but here. Then they try to force happiness onto themselves because you gotta be happy damn it. Guess how it turns out?

If you run away from something, you're a fugitive, not someone about to arrive somewhere. So far I've spent time drinking beer with my friends, organized my CD-collection, written some php-code, spent time with my friends, watched a lot of Futurama and slept a lot. It feels good and I haven't traveled anywhere special. I will travel if I want to and not because I "should". I hope you have a great vacation, and get to use it to do whatever you and your family wants to. Relax!

Tags: Philosophy, musings
Posted: 2010-07-05 by Erik Zalitis
Changed: 2010-07-05 by Erik Zalitis

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