(2010-03-11) Balmer's browser bash

Steve Balmer wants you to choose your default web browser. And by choose we mean he has no choice, since Microsoft has been coerced by the European Union to let all Windows-users select a web browser. It got my popup today. It stated that I had An important choice to make. When I clicked on it I got a list of possible browsers each being randomly 1) placed on the list to avoid favoritism. The interesting thing was the choice I couldnt make: buzz off, I dont want to choose. When I selected Select later, it told me that I would get the offer again the next time I rebooted the machine. I believe clicking on the cross in the upper right part of the window saved me that misery. I hope so. You may already know this: most people do not change the default settings on their gadgets or software. But this is not how you fix that!!

I remember the time when an irritating popup like this meant your computer was infected with some kind of adware or virus. Now this is supposed to be fine and legit, but I enjoy it even less than the darn Viagra ads. I mean, you could stop those by cleaning your computer or switching to Linux. The latter choice still exists as a solution to this though. Bah! Were people, not sheep. Bah! (That didnt come out right, now that I think about it)

1) Random indeed:

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Posted: 2010-06-17 by Erik Zalitis
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