(2008-09-11) 9/11 - a day to live in infamy

Some changes come slowly and are part of the ongoing evolution all around us. Better cars, faster networks and new cures. Some changes come swiftly and causes a crisis or revolution around us. We get confused and dazed, trying to cope with the new environment.

I was imaging two new computers from a CD-rom when a coworker told me a plane had crashed into the world trade center in New York. I walked to a room in the building with a TV in it. The now legendary video of the smoke rising from the towers were on. The idea that is was a tragic accident was shattered along with the other tower, when the next aircraft hit it.

That was seven years ago today. It's next to impossible to tell what of everything that has changed since that was caused by the attack. In Sweden 14000 close circuit cameras now watches us everywhere. Traffic logging and reading though our email is becoming more and more common. Government distrusts its civilians and the fear of terrorists lie as an unseen horror. In Sweden we're not that afraid of terrorists, since we have not been directly attacked, but a lot of things have changed.

The European Union is trying to regulate and control everything that gives people the ability to express themselves freely. Restrictions on blogging are being discussed and that's only the start. I want to send my appreciation of the efforts that people like Henrik Alexandersson are putting into resisting this.

If you're as concerned as I am, please read his blogg. One day it may not exist anymore:
http://www.henrikalexandersson.blogspot.com/ (Blog is in Swedish)

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