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Summer in Sweden is obviously over and the nights are getting dark again. I'm all right with that, but it's easy to long back a few weeks.

Stockholm was today rocked by demonstrations against FRA and the "Big brother society" we're entering.

I live near Liljeholmen in southern Stockholm and I have begun to notice something about it. The area used to be just a train station and big parking lot. A few years back, they built houses and a small shopping mall. The area went under construction again as they tore down some old buildings and started to rebuild it. At this moment trains, buses, trams and lots of people are crammed into a noisy and densely populated area that is swiftly evolving. When I walk into the area it feels like anger is in the air. The whole damn area is cooking. Today I heard a drunk yelling at some other people with a dog. Yesterday there was a least three different arguments in the McDonalds restaurant which included people yelling at the staff, in their mobil phones and too each other. I'm not the one to eavesdrop, but when people scream right out loud it's hard not to hear things like "So when are you coming over here you "!%%#", "I'm gonna kill him" and "We can't sit here!" (To the poor staff) On my way home a drunk screamed something after me but wasn't sober enough to complete the sentence.

Egad! I'm happy in don't live there. Hopefully the general level of stress should go down when the buildings are done and there's at least a square meter or two that isn't occupied.

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Posted: 2010-06-17 by Erik Zalitis
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