(2009-03-30) April's fool the Conficker editon

The Internet ends on the 1st of April 2009, when the hordes of infected PCs will bring the whole world to its knees. Conficker will not even need raw sockets to send us back to the 18th century. It's the truth! Repent! And accept my security expert status without me showing any credentials. Umm.. Umm.. Sorry, just my bad sense of humour here.

Conficker will change its tactics on the 1st of April. If you have Windows, make sure to patch, check your firewall and update your antivirus and it'll be just fine. I really don't think the worm will be that much of a problem, since it will only change the way it updates itself. Ah well. The patch you must apply is called MS08-067.

Microsoft's official Conficker-site:
Comment: Isn't it wonderful for a virusprogrammer to have Microsoft handling your "PR-Drive" ? :-)

ISC SANS has a good summary:

F-Secure has a tool for the unfortunate that get their PCs infected:

My own notes on Conficker (In Swedish):

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Posted: 2010-06-17 by Erik Zalitis
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