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Back again. It's been quite I while. I'm thinking about writing a short essay based on my certification-experiences. It will probably be in the next post. I'm working towards a MCSE... Anyways...

In Sweden we have a gang of complete morons calling themselves "Anti-piratbyrån". They are an organisation bent on destroying illegal copying of files, music and other copyrighted material. I got nothing to say about that. But they recently made their plans to go after Swedish filesharers public, which caused thousands of angry filesharers to mount a distributed denial of service attack against antipiratbyran.com. Bet they didn't see that one coming, right?

Now, to make themselves even more popular they worked with the police and got a searchwarrant for their own ISP Bahnhof. Ok, so it was the police that got the searchwarrant, I know. But it sure smells fishy. Since when is antipiratbyrån a policeauthority? Beats me... At 9 am CET the police and the repoman raided Bahnhofs offices and seized a number of servers. What is the most interesting is that they forbid the workers to access their computers "so they couldn't destroy the evicence". Obviously they think the ISP is to blame for people store illegal stuff on co-located servers.

This is not heading in the right direction...

Posted: 2010-06-17 by Erik Zalitis
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