(2005-05-31) Microsoft's dinosaurs...

I don't know if you've seen the latest PR-trick from Microsoft? Here in Sweden we've been treated to a number of ads on TV and in the newspapers. The setting is a generic office with generic office-dwellers. The interesting thing is that the office-dwellers are dinosaurs in suits. Yep, and they've fail just because they're not using office 2003. In one particular ad you see them send out a list of salaries to the whole company by mistake. Why? Because they use Office 97 which is one of Microsofts own products.

The problem for Microsoft is that many customers are content with Office 97 or maybe Office 2000. Therefore sales of Office 2003 is a bit disappointing for the .... ehrmmm.. dinosaurs in Redmond. The solution is this seriously flawed excuse for "public relations"-drive.

So what's wrong with this PR-drive(l)? Well, "what's RIGHT with it" is a better question. Probably not much. Here's a short list of the most prevalent problems with this approach:

- Calling customers idiots ... or in this case dinosaurs.

Is this a nice way to address potential upgrading customers? No I didn't think so.

- Accusing your own products of being the cause of trouble.

In one ad two dinosaurs call Office 97 "stone age". Yep, they actually criticise their own product.

- Claiming that human errors can be mitigated by Office 2003

The mistake they made by sending the whole salary-list would not have happened if they had used Office 2003. DRM to the rescue! In reality we all know that people won't bother using it.

Don't get me wrong, I personally think Office 2003 is a good product suite. But so was Office 97 and frankly many companies see no good reason to upgrade. Not everyone integrate their Office-system with Exchange, and therefore make full use of the new features in Office 2003.

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Posted: 2010-06-17 by Erik Zalitis
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