(2005-05-08) Mixed bag of news

The MCP 70-293 Planning and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure is no more. I went to the test after hours of sweating over books, exampreps and CBT Courses. The test was indeed hard and I got a respectable 825 marks out of 900. Next stop is an even harder test: 70-297. More on that later.

When I got back to my workplace I was in a really good mood, but leave it to my bosses to swiftly change that. The first news on the corporate intranet spoke of layoffs. And to make matters worse, layoffs in our department. No names mentioned yet, but in the coming weeks we'll know for sure. The company claims that it will not see any expansion in the Nordic region in a forseeable future. The future lies in lowcost areas like eastern europe countries and off course the venerable India. Well, we'll see what happens.

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Posted: 2010-06-17 by Erik Zalitis
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