(2005-09-30) And the cat came back...

Back again... Lot of things have happened. I no longer work in Haninge as I've been transferred to Älvsjö. It's still the same company. This change is good as it means I have a much shorter ride home. Good. I've also completed my MCSE 2003 security specialization and I'm aiming for the messaging specialization.

I now work as a system specialist and participate in a very big migration of 500 servers from one country to another. We virtualise some servers and move others to new servers using software called Platespin. We also become support for all the damn applications that break because people use hard coded ip-addresses or badly misconfigured DNS-servers. I'm getting used never knowing when I come home in the night. But it's interesting and I learn a lot everyday. Not half bad I say!

Now I'm going home to do some of that religious stuff, namely watch the Simpsons and Family Guy...

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Posted: 2010-06-17 by Erik Zalitis
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